About Us

The Original Baby Box was founded in 2019
When creating this online shop, providing customers with an excellent online shopping experience was a main priority!
We wanted to be unique and creative, so one
of the features we have that is not found anywhere is the Build A Baby Box Collection with added personalization! We came up with this idea because we love the fact that you can actually pick what you love and bundle it together the way you would like it, whether it be to gift or for your little one to enjoy. What also makes the Baby Box so unique is that it becomes a personalized Memory Box after ward where you can store all of the keepsakes you would like to cherish forever, and this,  makes it that much more personal and special.
As we were expanding to meet the demand of all of you lovely folks, the Pretty Little Things Collection was born and is new as of 2020. This collection has handcrafted and curated products for everyone to enjoy. In this Collection, you can explore a wide variety of personalized products such as t-shirts for all, mugs, bundle gift boxes, and so much more. New products are always being added to the shop so that the products are always in the now!
Enjoy your shopping experience here at The Original Baby Box & Pretty Little Things shop!